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Blog - Ενημερώσεις Covid-19

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Are you ready to travel?

Herodion Hotel_Athens_near Acropolis
Herodion Hotel_Athens_near Acropolis

Herodion Hotel in collaboration with Euroclinic Athens provides everything you need for a stress-free and safe return, through accurate and fast COVID-19 tests.

Book an appointment by:
a) Calling Euroclinic Athens at +30 210 6416600
b) Contacting our hotel's reception

Choose the time and place of sampling:
a) Hotel’s premises or
b) Euroclinic Athens premises

Receive your digitally signed results
within 24 hours at your email

Who is Euroclinic Athens? 
Athens Euroclinic is one of the top medical organizations in Greece, located in the center of Athens, providing top-quality healthcare services. 
Why should I order a COVID-19 test before I leave? 
Some countries may require proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test, usually taken up to 72 hours before departure. We suggest that you check the latest travel updates for each destination and order the appropriate test. 
Is the test eligible for any country/flight? 
Our labs are accredited by TÜV AUSTRIA and all tests are FDA approved and/or CE/IVD marked. 

20. Jul. 2021
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