Both Herodion and Philippos Hotels are situated in the heart of the most elegant and residential blocks of Athens, on the doorstep of the new Acropolis Museum. It is surrounded by small art museums, galleries, jewelery museum, cafes and restaurants. Just below the famous pedestrian street of Dionissiou Aeropagitou under the sacred Acropolis cliff, beautiful residential peaceful blocks, houses of Athenian neoclassical style, 5the Spanish Embassy, the Finish, Swedish and Norwegian Cultural Institutes.
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The pictures in this section and a selection of a few more in our site, were taken by Tassia Voutiropoulou, a professional photographer and much appreciated artist, a graduate from Royal College of Art who lives and works in Athens and London.

“Acropolis Museum”, 15 D. Areopagitou street, Acropolis.
“Lalaounis Jewelry Museum”, 12 Kalisperi & Kariatidon street, Acropolis
“Spyros Vasileiou” museum, 5a Webster street, Acropolis.
“Astra Galerie”, 8 Kariatidon street, Acropolis
“Art 10 Gallery”, 39 Parthenonos street, Acropolis.
“Eleni Marneni Gallery”, 5-7 Lembesi street, Makrigianni.
Antiques “flatsia” 3-5 Mitsaion street, Acropolis.
“Dora Stratou” Theater, Philipappou.
“Emotions Museum of Chilhood”, 7 Karatza street, Philipappou.
“Museum of Greek Folk art” , Kydathinaion street, Plaka.
Canellopoulos Museum, 12 Theorias str. Plaka.
“Frissiras Museum”, Plaka.
“Hellenic Children's Museum”, 14 Kydathinaion street,
“Childrens Art Museum” – Kodrou str. Plaka.
“Herakleidon Museum”, 16 Herakleidon street, Thission.
“The Bernier/Eliades Gallery”,
11 Eptachalkou street, Thission.

“Eleni Koroneou” Gallery, 30 Dimofontos street.
Onassis Cultural Center, Syngrou Ave.

“Strofi” Restaurant, 25 Rovertou Gallis street,
“Mani-Mani” Restaurant, 10 Falisrou street, Acropolis.
Cafe Avissinia, 3 Avissinias Square Monastiraki. Tel. 210 321 7047
“Daphnes” Restaurant, 4 Lisikratous street, Plaka.
“Fisherman's Tavern” Restaurant. 16 Erechtheos street, Plaka.
“Attikos” Restaurant, 7 Garivaldi street, Acropolis. a site for Greek recipes
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