Walking at the Hills of the Acropolis

Three hills of historical importance: Areios Pagos (the hills of justice), Pnyx (the hill of Democracy) with the little Church of Loubardiaris decorated by Pikionis, and the hill of the Muses, which the Athenians choose to honor their benefactor, Philopappos.
The Observatory dominates the fourth hill, where one can walk among the trees and have an spectacular view day and night.
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Admiring the Parthenon

As one walks along the Dionyssiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Street one admires features of a city alive throughout the centuries. Modern blocks of flats, neoclassical residences and the landmark of Athens, the hill of the Acropolis, with the Parthenon and the Odeon of Herodus Atticus.
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Classical elegance, Roman dignity, post-independence and modern periods are harmoniously combined in an entity.

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